Duke and Illinois on GCU schedule, QB Connor Brewer closing in on new school?

“We will play Arizona or Arizona State anyplace, anytime”. Dan Majerle was on the other end of the phone talking about how his second year as head coach of Grand Canyon University basketball has gone, when the subject of future scheduling came up.
“We have home and homes with Louisville and San Diego State starting next year, we have games with Illinois and Duke that are on future schedules”.dan_majerle_grand_canyon_basketball
Playing the Sun Devils and Wildcats makes too much sense($ents) but until Arizona and Arizona State Presidents take a breath over losing online students to GCU, I don’t see any breakthrough. It’s one of the silliest controversies in my 22 years here in Arizona.

BTW-Coach Majerle lost his father earlier this month after a long illness. Thoughts and prayers with “Thunder” Dan…

Former Arizona Wildcat quarterback Connor Brewer visited Northern Arizona University last weekend with his father and the visit couldn’t have gone better. North Carolina is the latest program to ask for tape on the former Chaparral High star. Connor_Brewer_Arizona_FootballBrewers father, Robert, told me Tuesday night that an SEC program contacted the family this week too. Connor Brewer is finishing up his degree this semester at UofA. He has two years of eligibility remaining.
I think NAU is sitting pretty on this one…

Our industry lost one of the best earlier this week. Henry Lopez wasn’t a face you saw on TV or a voice you heard on the radio. He didn’t have a byline on a website or a podcast that you could download. Henry Lopez was the technical guy you wanted next to you when there was a big show you were presenting.
“H-Lo” worked for Bonneville here in Arizona, specifically at one of their all-sport properties 98.7 FM.
He was my first technical director at KTAR 620am when I moved to Arizona back in the mid-90’s.
We don’t get to where we are in presenting great content without having a solid team behind us. Henry knew everybody in town, knew how to get us on the air when it looked impossible, and most importantly he cared about lining up next to you. When I left TV and started my own company, he called me to see what I was up to. He offered support and encouragement, something that is very rare in our industry in this day and age. Every time I would run into him at an event his first question was about my wife and kids. Lots of tears and sad faces around town this week with the loss of “H-Lo”…