NFL free-agent frenzy starts, long-time insider Clark Judge joined us to discuss plus GCU President/CEO Brian Mueller and Rich Rodriguez discusses his QB jam in Tucson

NFL free-agency is here and the Arizona Cardinals gain a left tackle, but lose a wide receiver Andre Roberts and popular linebacker Karlos Dansby. Insider Clark Judge (12:38 on podcast) talks about why some teams will hurt themselves more than help when the spending begins. Controversial Barry Bonds made his return to the Valley Monday at Giants camp.’s Barry Bloom (28:14 on podcast) talked about the slimmed down Bonds and why he believes he should eventually be in the Hall of Fame. Plus, “Talk to the ‘Lopes” with President and CEO Brian Mueller (:37:44 on podcast) on Dan Majerle’s first year on the bench and what appears to be a loaded schedule next year featuring Indiana, Kentucky, New Mexico and Harvard.