Former Brophy/Stanford star Trent Murphy unplugged on NFL draft questions and teams

Friday Three Dots…

Former Brophy Bronco/Stanford Cardinal Trent Murphy is going to be a first round NFL draft pick on May 8th. I had to laugh when he shared with me on Thursdays show two questions he was asked at the NFL Combine by team representatives.

1)what is the worst thing you’ve done as a person?

2)A scout pulled out his I-pad and stopwatch and asked Murphy to answer the following question in one minute..”what are all things that you can use a brick for”?

So when you are watching games at high school and college and think that you, or a player you are watching, is going to make it in the NFL. It’s much more important to be able to answer those types of questions than you may think. Amazing.

Murphy told me that there are a handful of NFL teams that run a similar defense to the one he was a part of at Stanford (the 3-4) that draft analysts are linking him to. “The Steelers, the Niners, Saints, Redskins and the Ravens as well, that’s not to say that’s where I am going to go, but as for the position I played in college, those teams are most similar”.
He also doesn’t see moving in position from OLB to defensive end as most draft analysts are projecting. “Teams have shown more of an interest in me as an outside linebacker, that’s where they want me to stay, they’ve seen me beating up tight ends”.

Why am I hearing and reading so much about the Diamondbacks being stuck behind the Dodgers for this coming season? Last time I checked the playoffs have that second wild card team so shouldn’t I expect this team to find their way into the postseason conversation?
“The bar has been lowered to get into the postseason”, Fox baseball analyst Tom Verducci told me earlier this week.

I don’t think that we are going to have to wait long, if at all, for Archie Bradley to be put into the Diamondbacks starting rotation for the regular season. Between the Arroyo back injury and the continued question marks on the back end of the rotation, this will sort itself out before the home opener at Chase Field…