An extra ordinary championship Saturday for one Arizona family

Saturday, March 1st, 2014 will be a day many student athletes will remember for the rest of their lives as their dreams of being an Arizona state champion became a reality.

For one family in particular, it was as special a day as they come.

Bright and early, the Seton Catholic girls basketball team overcame a tough matchup with Cienega to win their third state championship in four years. They were led by senior, Julia Barcello.

But that was not the only Barcello to appear in a state title game on this day. Julia’s younger brother Alex, a freshman on the Corona del Sol boys basketball team, did as well and ultimately held up the gold trophy after his Aztecs survived an incredible game against the Pinnacle Pioneers.

Two state championships in one day for two siblings who play on separate teams. Something that does not happen very often.

“I would have never imagined that we would both be here on the same day,” said Julia. “For us both to win it, it is absolutely incredible. We both play for amazing teams and amazing coaches and we could not have hoped for anything better.”

“God is good and he blessed both of us to win on the same day,” added Alex. “It’s a truly amazing thing to have accomplished.”

Double the kids winning the big game, means double the nerves but also excitement for proud parents.

“It was a roller coaster ride,” mentioned Alex and Julia’s Father Edward Barcello. “From nine o’clock in the morning to five o’clock in the afternoon, and it was just a true blessing.”

There is such thing as sibling rivalry in most households. In the Barcello family, Alex and Julia don’t play against each other, they train and help each other. When both are playing in state championship games, they get more nervous rooting the other on in the stands then they do playing on the court.

“When you are on the court you have control,” explained Julia. “I am much more calm on the court. But from the stands, it was very nerve-wracking and got my adrenaline pumping.”

“In the stands, it’s like you’re having a heart attack if something happens,” Alex mentioned. “It’s definitely more crazy in the stands.”

Four state championships in four years is more than most families could ever ask for. Despite Julia graduating and heading to Colgate University to play at the next level, the winning doesn’t expect to come to an end any time soon. Alex has three more years at Corona and there are two younger Barcello sisters waiting in the wings to begin their high school careers. Both dreaming of having the same success.

“I have two younger kids too, but the work ethic that these two (Alex and Julia) put in, the preparation, the time,” stated Edward. “The sky’s the limit for both of them.”

“My sister is coming in to replace me next year so we will see how she does,” mentioned Julia.

Alex chimed in by saying, “hopefully we could end up with eight to ten.”