Thursday Morning Three Dots…Colangelo supports Junker, Keim from Combine

Three Dot Thoughtsโ€ฆ

Was not surprised to see Jerry Colangelo write a letter of support
on behalf of former Fiesta Bowl Executive John Junker, who is facing a possible prison sentence for political campaign-finance conspiracy. According to the Arizona Republic, Colangelo penned “He can make a contribution a lot more on the outside than the inside” referring to Junker spending time in a cell.
In the present day Fiesta Bowl, it will be interesting to see how the Bowl changes it’s way of doing business now that the respected Dr. Robert Shelton has departed and the BCS is a thing of the past. Stay tuned…

While I got crushed on social media for downplaying the Arizona State basketball win over Arizona, how do you spin what happened Wednesday night at Colorado? Don’t get too high when you win a mid-February game over any team(even your rival). When people start talking about the “biggest win in the history of the school” or Herb Sendek is doing “his best coaching job ever”, you have to be realistic and objective. I will judge Herb Sendek on his entire body of work, not just one night at the office. As good as last Friday night was for the program, the poor showing at Colorado went over like a lead balloon.
Shaq McKissic may get a scolding from those around the program for his “we were living our fairy tale, and now we’re back to Earth” comment last night, but he was dead on rightโ€ฆ

Put this in the back of your head. Cardinals GM Steve Keim said this morning at the NFL Scouting Combine that the Cardinals need to get more athletic on defense given the quarterbacks in Seattle and San Francisco. Yes, the Cardinals beat Seattle in December, doesn’t mean a thing moving forward…