S.B. 1062…Arizona sports scene waits for Brewer….

If Gov. Brewer signs S.B. 1062 we will be watching the sports landscape in Arizona shortly thereafter. When S.B. 1070 went through the process, the Suns wore Los Suns jerseys while there were protest marches going on just a few blocks away.
In 2010 the Governor was slow to act on 1070, she received a TON of national attention building up to her eventually signing the bill. I think some of the same grandstanding is going on from her now.
Those who simply dismiss the thought that the NFL might pull the Super Bowl out of Arizona if Brewer does sign 1062, don’t quite understand the power of the league.
What about the 2016 National Title game in College Football or the possibility of the NCAA Final Four in 2017? I would think those events most certainly be in jeopardy.
Our state will be impacted in many, many ways if Brewer does sign 1062. Sports will be on the list…