No deals for the Suns today, just don’t give me Carmelo this summer.

The Suns trade deadline deal won’t be made official until sometime in the next few weeks. At that point Eric Bledsoe will be activated off the injured list and Phoenix will have the player that they didn’t announce on trade deadline day.

I understand that it’s not Pau Gasol, Thaddeus Young or Loul Deng, but I didn’t want any those guys so it’s not a big deal.
Kevin Love was the only one that I was willing to blow up the draft picks and even some of the roster.

So here’s where we are now. I have no idea if the Suns are going to make the playoffs. I have no idea if the team we are seeing this season will have the same kind of success next year(a very fair question to ask).

I am certainly not in the camp that the Suns should pursue Carmelo Anthony when he becomes a free agent on July 1st. I have no doubt that GM Ryan McDonough will try to land a big fish or two this summer. He was a part of the Celtics front office when they found ways to bring Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to Boston. He knows how to make a big deal.

I am fine with no trades today. This season has already exceeded expectations.