Bruce Arians sizes up “Johnny Football”

INDIANAPOLIS–Good or bad…right or wrong…everyone has an opinion on Johnny Manziel.

Friday here at the NFL Combine those opinions of “Johnny Football” were either re-enforced or possibly changed, depending on how you translated his official “measurables” or oversized press gathering during the quarterbacks interview portion. Off the field Manziel is larger than life. On it, he’s arguably the most exciting player in college football history.

The Arizona Cardinals chances of landing the 5’11 3/4, 207-pound former Texas A&M star are slim but that didn’t stop head coach Bruce Arians, a guy who knows a thing or two about quarterback play, the share his thoughts on who the Heisman Trophy winner reminds him of.

“I go back to Doug Flutie,” Arians explained. “It took Doug a very long time to be a successful quarterback in the league at that size and at that athletic ability. He’s a little different player than Drew Brees who’s a little taller. Russell [Wilson] was extremely successful this year so I think you’re starting to see some guys you can compare him to.”

Manziel said don’t judge him by the measuring stick but by his love for the game.

“I play with a lot of heart, I play with a lot of passion,” he confidently explained. “I feel like I play like I’m 10-feet tall. Those measurements to me are just a number.”

Regardless of Manziel’s self-confidence, Arians insists the facts are the facts when it comes to evaluating players here in Indianapolis and there is precedent set by the majority of modern-day quarterbacks, few of whom don’t fit the stereotype.

“There’s a bunch of six-five successful guys who are athletic,” he explained. “The 5’11 guys, it has to throw a question mark out there.”