Growing confidence in herself aided Julia Barcello into becoming elite

There might not be a basketball player in Arizona that lives up to the motto of leading by example more so than Seton Catholic’s Julia Barcello.

In her first three seasons as a member of the elite girls varsity basketball program in Seton Catholic, she was quietly one of the top players in the state. A reason behind the “quietly” is because despite the points, rebounds and and blocking shots, she was never the vocal leader or one who liked being the center of attention. That role was being played more so with her teammate and best friend Anne Marie Holter who graduated last season.

Now in her fourth season as a member of the girls varsity basketball team for an elite program in Seton Catholic, we are seeing a new side of her. A much more outgoing side on the basketball court which could be a direct result of one thing. Confidence.

“I think I have a lot more confidence in myself as a player,” Barcello said. “Just growing into the leadership position because I was put into the captain position as a sophomore. So growing into that and as a senior, I really feel I can make it count this year.”

There have been plenty of motivators for Barcello as she has stepped into this more active and vocal leadership role this season. The first, the 2013-14 Sentinels are very young with four freshman on the team. At least two of which get very substantial playing time. The other, last season for the first time in high school, she didn’t finish her season with a state championship victory. She fell short as a junior and it has helped light a big fire in the stomaches of her and her teammates.

“There is definitely that fire,” Barcello stated. “Especially since it really stung having our point guard and one of my best friends (Anne Marie Holter) getting hurt and being out for her senior season like that. So there is definitely that motivation for us to just go out and improve every practice and come out and play hard every game.”

When Barcello is finished with high school, she will be moving on to play basketball on the other end of the country in Hamilton, New York for Colgate University. An opportunity that couldn’t be a better fit in her eyes.

“I am beyond excited,” she stated. “I think it is the perfect fit and it’s everything I want in a college. I can’t wait for next year.”

What a career it has been for Barcello. Constantly one of the state’s most dominant players over her three and a half seasons. But when you ask her about what she has been able to achieve over the course of her high school career, it is never about herself.

“I’ve built awesome friendships and we’re a family here,” she explained. “It was really nice winning two state titles my first two years. I think we have a good team this year and I think we are gelling really well. So I am real excited about this season.”