Future Wildcat Craig Victor Jr. puts skills on display in Arizona

First, Arizona Wildcat fans made their way to a high school event to see future Wildcat Stanley Johnson of Mater Dei in the HoopHall West Invitational at GCU in December.

Less than a month later, another one of Sean Miller’s gems of the 2014 recruiting class put their game on display in the state they will call home in the next four years. Craig Victor Jr. and Findlay Prep was in action on Friday night as they took on the former state runner-up Pinnacle Pioneers in the Duel in the Desert at Rancho Solano.

“It was lovely,” said Victor. “I got a chance to see coach (Joe) Pasternack, Sean Miller will be here tomorrow so I am excited about that.”

Victor is playing two games in Scottsdale this weekend. The first was friday against Pinnacle and the second against two-time state champion Corona del Sol.

Time cant move fast enough for Victor who is anxiously awaiting when the time comes when he will officially step foot on campus of the University of Arizona. Especially for a team that allowed 25 points in a game this week.

“I love all those guys,” Victor mentioned. “Me and Stan (Johnson), Parker (Jackson-Cartwright), we’re coming to make an impact as soon as possible,”

Having signed his letter of intent a month ago with Arizona, Victor mentioned that he doesn’t talk about the basketball as much with Miller and the other coaches. Now it is more about getting ready physically for the next level. And adds that he has just scratched the surface of what he is capable of.

“Now all we talk about it getting better, lifting weights,” Victor explained. “Playing in high school right now, I am a lot stronger than most guys. So I’ll get mediocre calls and offensive fouls. At the next level, I’ll be a much better player.”

Not only does Victor have high hopes for his time with the Wildcats, he has lofty predictions for this year’s number one ranked team.

“National championship,” Victor stated. “Not only next year, I am predicting they will win a championship this year too.”