Are you not entertained?

Fast paced, three point shots by the dozen, high flying dunks and alley-oops. The question I pose to not just Suns fans, but NBA fans around the nation after the Suns demolition of the league’s best team in the tone of Russell Crowe from Gladiator: Are you not entertained?!?!

There has been some sort of excuse all season on whether or not Suns faithful should be all-in just like they used to be for this years new-look roster.

First, it was the fact that the team was not “tanking” so that they could get one of these prized freshman in the upcoming draft. It was making you reluctant to cheer for the way this team was playing.

Next, after the team proving that they could be successful, you take your anger from what has transpired over the last few season’s on this current team. Saying “the last few years made me so angry that it will take me a while to fully become invested again.”

Last, Eric Bledsoe goes down and the fans wonder if they will be able to respond and once again, instead of the focus being on the basketball court, the focus is on “tanking” enough to get back into the lottery in some facet.

The Suns on Wednesday night made a statement to everyone in their 124-100 win over the Pacers. This group of players that are either getting their first shot and significant playing time to make this a career (Tucker, Plumlee) or what could be their last shot (Green, Barbosa) and channeling a drive that few teams possess over the course of an 82 game season. That drive punched the Clippers in the gut a few weeks back in LA and clocked the Pacers in the jaw.

Sure they haven’t been able to play like they did against Indiana in every game but what they have been able to do, is come out with that same effort night-in and night-out. At this point, what more could you want from your team? Sure a superstar would be nice. The Durants and Lebrons of the world don’t grow on trees. But if you don’t have one of those guys, why not a cast of characters that will at least battle like crazy to have a fighting chance. That’s exactly what the Pacers have done with their roster to get where they are today.

Here is a fun fact: This Suns team is now 24-17 at the halfway point of the season. That’s the best record they’ve had at this point since the 2009-10 season when they ultimately finished 54-28 and advanced to the Western Conference Finals. They may or may not have that same success this season, but why not enjoy the ride while you can? Whether championships or years of losing, turmoil and drama, You don’t know what the future will bring. So why not see the glass half full.

This is a team everyone can be proud of so lets all drop the off the court stuff and be entertained by one of the most entertaining and exciting teams in the NBA.