Admit it, you love Richard Sherman…

Quick hits, now that the Super Bowl matchup is set.

-Vegas has the Broncos favored by 1

-The Navarro Bowman knee/leg injury was gruesome, but didn’t need to be shown over and over. Why it did have to be replayed was to determine if Bowman had the ball, too bad the NFL doesn’t see it the same way most of you and I do. EVERY PLAY in the NFL should be open for review by the officials, especially in the NFC Title game.

-All this outrage around Richard Sherman going off on FOX post game reporter Erin Andrews is funny. The guy just won the NFC Title and is going to the biggest game in his sport. He can come off as classless all he wants.
Truth is, If he’s on your team, you love him! Since he’s not, you hate him.

-Of course, FOX had to interview Sherman two more times in fifteen minuets, Once with Terry Bradshaw(which was painful) and then on set with all the good ol boys(even more dreadful).
I am sure the guys in the truck were all saying “c’mon Richard give us another round of your best”.