Remembering games that were played in the rain

So the AIA announced on Friday morning that the state semifinal games across the state had been postponed until Monday at 6pm. The reason for those game being played in the valley as well as in Tucson was because of rain.

It got me thinking of the last time I remember high school semifinal games being played despite horrible field conditions in the rain. I tuned into Cox 7 to watch the Chaparral vs. Saguaro semifinal game at Dobson high school back in 2007 and it was one of the sloppiest games you will see. The game consisted of standouts on both sides of the field with running back/defensive back Deveron Carr and defensive end Craig Roh for the Firebirds as well as Saguaro quarterback Tim Ruben.

So while you are sitting at home on Friday night not watching a game from the stands, check out this little piece of Arizona high school football history courtesy of Cox 7 of a game that was played in similar environments that would have been seen this time around.