Get over it Diamondbacks

dodgerspoolThe Los Angeles Dodgers not only won the West at Chase Field on Thursday afternoon but they decided to celebrate in a way that is familiar to Arizona Diamondback fans. They sprinted from their clubhouse, across the field, jumped the right field fence and into the (insert whatever sponsor decided to buy the name rights this season here) pool.

The best payback is returning the favor next year at Dodger Stadium.

It’s like inviting one of your mortal enemies to your house, challenging them to some feat of strength — apparently it is a Festivus party — and then having them celebrating by kissing your significant other.  And you know what, as a man and an Arizona sports fan, I have absolutely no problem with it.

The bottom line is, if you don’t like the consequences, don’t let someone beat you. There is a reason the old saying is “to the victors go the spoils.” It is  because it’s true.

If the D-backs, or any other Valley sports team for that matter, don’t want to watch their rivals celebrate a division title in their home, then make sure to beat them every chance you get. For that matter, win a majority of your games and you’ll never have to worry about anyone getting the best of you.

Sure, it hurts more that it’s Los Angeles, the city who we all have a little brother complex with. A city that we pretty much feel inferior to in every way because it’s bigger, flashier and is home to more sports titles than smog. (Although, we do have an NFL team and half of our residents once called LA home. So, there’s that.) But it shouldn’t make a difference, if you win, you can’t be hurt regardless of the rivalry you have with a city.

Everyday between now and next March when the D-backs and Dodgers take the field in Australia — don’t even get me started on that — the players who were part of this year’s team should replay the images of LA celebrating on the infield at Chase Field with their NL West swag and jumping into the pool. The entire thing shouldn’t be reason to be enraged right now. It should be used as motivation to become the best in the West for every member of the organization in 2014.

The best payback is returning the favor next year at Dodger Stadium. Nothing sticks it to them than beating them at their own game and sharing the feelings each member in the Arizona clubhouse has right now with them next year. Although, the D-backs will  have to bring their own pool to Chavez Ravine.