Fabiano's Fantasy Focus Week 2, Volume I

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Each week NFL Network and NFL.com Fantasy Football Editor Michael Fabiano joins Pros2Preps.com’s Brad Cesmat to share his insight on building your fantasy team for success.

Here are some hilights from our most recent conversation (September 11) with the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association Hall of Famer as we enter Week 2 of the regular season.

Keep a close eye on the Texans’ backfield situation: “Maybe it’s Gary Kubiak who’s being tough on Arian Foster because he didn’t play in the pre-season and they want to get him in the mix slowly but he still saw over 20 touches against the Chargers on Monday night and this has been the guy as the center piece of that offense. Now there’s talk of Gary Kubiak wanting to split the carries between Ben Tate and Arian Foster is really confusing to me. Ultimately, I think to me at the end of the day when the smoke clears Arian Foster will be way closer to a featured back than Ben Tate is but right now you’ve got a little bit of trepidation if you’re a fantasy owner that has Arian Foster.”

We’re one week in…don’t panic fantasy owners: “Tons. Tons of over-reaction. I’ve had people ask me if they should drop Stevan Ridley. If they should drop Dwayne Bowe. What should they do with Marshawn Lynch? He’s coming off a bad game and playing the 49ers this week. People need to tap the brakes on these superstars who didn’t have good starts to the season. It happens….people need to remember, it’s one week and that’s it.”

If you are looking to drop someone now, what types of players you’re starting to see on the waiver wire? “I’ve seen a lot of tight ends dropped because so many young tight ends emerged in week one. You’ve seen Jordan Cameron, you saw Julius Thomas, Jared Cook. I’ve seen Kyle Rudolph dropped. I’ve seen Greg Olsen dropped. I’ve seen some of those name tight ends who people drafted to be their one’s. Suddenly they’re flipping the switch and saying you know what, I’m going with the younger option.”

What can we make out of the Patriots wide receivers going into Thursday night? “We knew Danny Amendola wasn’t the most durable player but boy, already? One week? I guess he really fought through the groin injury last week and had 10 catches, 100 yards. Very Wes Welker-like but now doubtful this week to suit up. Now you’re looking at Julian Edelman as a potential three in a standard league. 10 or 12 teams leagues I think you’ll do better than Edelman as a standard three in a ten-team league depending on your roster but he is now in the mix. The Patriots really seem enamored with him this year. Remember last year they actually played him more than Wes Welker early on in the season and then Welker sort of became the guy. Now he is a red zone target for Tom Brady.”

Andrew Luck or Terrelle Pryor this week? “You’re going to start to see Terrelle Pryor’s name pop up. You remember I mentioned him last week but Andrew Luck is the play here. Again, I said it in pre-season I’ll say it again now, he’s going to be a top five quarterback this year. He already proved it last week with a very strong game, three touchdowns…Andrew Luck is really going to emerge guys as a superstar both on the field and from a fantasy perspective.”

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