Fabiano’s Fantasy Focus Volume V

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Each week NFL Network and NFL.com Fantasy Football Editor Michael Fabiano joins Pros2Preps.com’s Brad Cesmat to share his insight on building your fantasy team for success.

Here are some hilights from our most recent conversation with the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association Hall of Famer as the pre-season schedule kicks into high gear.

Buyer beware on Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson: “I’m really starting to have concern about him. Two years ago he was fantastic. 15 touchdowns. Top five in fantasy points. Last year took a huge nosedive statistically because he was hurt and now he’s going to be out four-to-six weeks, somewhere in that area because he has to have knee surgery. I dropped him down. He’s now a three from a fantasy perspective, in my opinion.”

Nelson’s loss will be Randall Cobb’s gain: “Randall Cobb is my number one breakout wide receiver. If you draft a wide receiver this season and it’s not a Calvin Johnson, or Larry Fitzgerald,  or one of the big-name guys, try to get Randall Cobb because he is going to put up monster numbers. He’s going to be a 90-catch guy in this offense. A thousand yards. He’s also like a Percy Harvin-lite where he can rush the ball a little bit. Maybe get a little out of the return game. Cobb is a guy who’s going to see a lot of targets from Aaron Rodgers.”

If you’re a fantasy commissioner don’t jump the gun: “I’m in eight leagues…and I’m sure there’s people who are in a lot more leagues than I am but I just want to wait. God forbid I have a draft in the middle of August, especially if it’s one of my experts leagues, and I draft Ray Rice and all of a sudden, torn ACL in pre-season game number three and I’m done for the season. I know people get excited about drafting but it’s always better to wait. It’s always best to wait two weeks, one week before the regular season.”

More valuable in a keeper league:  star wide receiver like Demaryius Thomas or star quarterback like Robert Griffin III?: “I’m gonna go with the quarterback. I’m gonna go with RGIII. You know I love Demaryius Thomas. I was all over his last season in the pre-season but keeping a quarterback, especially a guy like RGIII who’s going to give you the rushing yards. Who is pinpoint accurate. Who is a smart quarterback for a man of his age. This is only his second NFL season. The upside there is huge. Another reason why I would go RGIII over Demaryius Thomas is the Peyton Manning Factor. When Peyton Manning goes, Demaryius Thomas is going to drop. There’s no doubt about that…you have to look at that kind of thing.”

What is Eddie Lacy’s fantasy value in Green Bay?: “Lacy, to me,  is the favorite to start in Green Bay. Short yardage, goal line work. To me he’s the best running back from a a fantasy perspective that they’ve had in awhile, probably since Ryan Grant. To me he’s a guy you can draft somewhere in the middle rounds…who could be taken as a three and produce like a two.”

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