Could we see front office changes coming to the Diamondbacks this off-season?

The Arizona Diamondbacks may have lost their stranglehold on the National League West but they’ve never lost their resiliency as they continue to scratch and claw for one of the NL wildcard spots with just over a month to play in the regular season.

The 2013 roller coaster ride has seen many highs and several lows so is it possible we may see a re-shuffling in the Dbacks front office this winter?

“Probably not,” ESPN baseball analyst Pedro Gomez told in a recent interview. “If they go through a similar season next year, yes, I could see something. I think [Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick] will give them one more year to try to make things happen. You never know, though.”

The Dbacks are hoping to keep pace with the rest of a handful teams coming down the stretch. Gomez believes one has the inside track to reach the playoffs but it may not matter in the National League.

“I have a lot of people who disagree with me on this but I feel Cincinnati is in the best position in the Central. But overall, in the entire National League, it’s hard to go against the Dodgers. If Brian Wilson is back throwing anywhere near where he was that solidifies the closer’s role.”

There’s also a logjam in the American League with a cluster of teams making a post-season push as we near September.

“I still like Tampa Bay a little bit,” Gomez explained. “I think, top to bottom, they don’t have the big muscle outside of Longoria in the lineup but they play really, really good baseball. Solid fundamental baseball. It’s a little cooky at times, with all the shifts that Joe Maddon puts on at times, but it works.”

Arizona is hoping to make up ground during their current eight-game home stand.