Suns can’t afford another “miss”

When the fifth pick in Thursday nights NBA Draft is announced, I am expecting an impact player coming to the Phoenix Suns. Over the last several seasons that hasn’t been the case.

Last years first rounder, Kendall Marshall, ended up being a huge disappointment. He bounced between the D-League and the NBA.

Before that, we had guys like Markieff Morris, Earl Clark and Robin Lopez. There is a reason why this organization has been stuck in the ditch of losing in recent seasons, they missed badly in the draft.

You can’t miss on the 5th pick in the draft, but teams do.

Then there are organizations like the San Antonio Spurs who manage to identify a player like Tony Parker and grab him with the 28th pick.

My preference would be Victor Olidipo from Indiana, but I would be fine with Georgetowns Otto Porter or Ben Mclemore from Kansas.

It’s a clean slate for Ryan McDonough and Jeff Hornacek. I am anxious to see how this years draft turns out.