Dear Jahii…(an open letter)

Dear Jahii,

The countdown is on. 365 days until you’re the one standing on the floor of the NBA draft shaking hands with Commissioner Silver. In the next year you will get to bump around on flights to Pullman, Eugene, and Las Vegas. Enjoy the ride, it’s all about to change.

Take in the enthusiasm of the college crowds because the NBA fan in LA will be texting and chatting with their yoga instructor.

I hear you’ve been working very hard this summer, which of course is a good thing. A year from now you will have plenty of business off the court to take care of too.
I saw where James Harden swung by ASU this week, I am sure that you are going to do the same.

You’ve gone from a Jackrabbit to a Sun Devil. It would be nice to see you in a Suns uniform, but we have 365 days to see if that will happen. Enjoy the ride…