Fairfax Stampede are back to work

High school football fans love the springtime, because that means it’s time for spring football workouts for the various teams in the Valley.

One of the teams getting things started again is the Betty Fairfax Stampede, led by the only head football coach the school has ever had, Kevin Belcher.

Belcher was transparent when he said his team is lacking in the size department this year. That’s nothing new for the Stampede, because they were undersized last year according to Belcher, and they still finished a respectable 7-4.

“In the early stages of spring football, what we’re just trying to accomplish is [to] look at the returning players [and] make sure they still have a grasp on the main concepts of our offense and our defense, and they can help bring along the younger kids, so that they can grab a hold of the fundamentals of what we do,” Belcher said. “Then we can start to build off of that through the rest of the summer.”

Last season, the Stampede were chock full of sophomores. Now those sophomores are juniors with another year of experience in the Stampede system, which Belcher thinks will be of great benefit to the team.

“We’re just looking for them to continue that same growth that they did last year and to build off of that, knowing we have another year after that with most of them,” Belcher said.

The 2013 version of the Fairfax Stampede are in their infancy stages, but their work ethic and their desire to win is what really makes Belcher a happy camper.

“They work hard on the field, they do what we ask them to do,” Belcher said. “They run, and they try to make every day a very good day, both academically and athletically.”

“You can’t ask more of that,” Belcher said.